Hello and welcome at the homepage of Hans Matzen. The new layout is active since September 2007 and hopefully a bit easier to naviagate than before. First of all please leave me a comment if you encounter problems viewing this site or find a dead link also if you have any remarks or ideas concerning this site. Thank you…and enjoy.

Visiting the Study-Page you can find various documents concerning my study of computer science and the questions from my oral examinations. Of course it is in german only since all examinations will be held in german in Frankfurt. ;-))
If you are interested in Digital Libraries you will also find information about various projects including the Digitale Bibliothek Frankfurt (and my Master Thesis). Some of the little tools and other software related stuff I wrote is collected on the software-page.

Wanna some information about the maintainer of this site ? Look here. Last not least, I will be very peased, if you leave me a message in my guestbook.

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