README - minipy2tex V0.1

# minipy2tex
# (C) by Hans Matzen, 1997, Frankfurt/M, Germany
# Tries to format python code for LaTeX
# This is a little utility to get a TeX document out of Python source code.
# The current Version is 0.1.






                Usage:     [-d] [-F fontfamily] [-M leftmargin]
                                                            [-w maxchars] [-o outputfile]

               -h this message
               -L a list of available fonts


                        -d will produce a standalone texfile as output
                        -o outputfile, not given means writing to stdout
                        -F font family the file will be formatted with defaults to Helvetica (phv)
                        -M width of left margin (cm) in texfile
                        -w maximum number of characters in each LaTeX-line
                        -h this usage message

            using the -d option, produces a standalone texfile otherwise you will get a file
            for use with \input directive.

Copyright notice:

minipy2tex copyright (c) 1997, Hans Matzen,Frankfurt/M, Germany
This software may be reproduced and distributed in whole or in part, in any medium, physical or electronic, so long as this copyright notice is retained on all copies. Commercial redistribution is allowed and encouraged; however the author would like to be notified of such distributions.


While I have tried to make things as safe as possible, I cannot guarantee that usage of this program does not result in loss of data or equipment. I provide NO WARRANTY about the program and I cannot be made liable for any consequences resulting from using this package.